DBS 2009E HRV09E – LED Display Dual Control System NOT EXIST(DONE)

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DBS 2009E full color and dual-color control system HRV09E, Online Shopping for LED Card, LED Display Parts, LED-CARD Shopping, Over 500 USD free of UPS/DHL Shipping


DBS-HRV09E full color and dual-color control system Functions: programs change and order programs.
2.???Support led drivers with PWM, highly improved refresh rates with static screens and dynamic screens.
3.???Full new grey engine,better performance on low grey level.
4.???Support automatic collection on error detection and other error information.
5.???Support PC 1000M network card image sending,need no sending card.
6.Support 10bit HD video source.

Typical value
Max value
Supported screen type
single color, dual-color,full-color, real pixel,virtual pixel.
Supported LED drivers
Pixels by single sending card
1280_1024(dual ports)

Number of receiving cards connected by cable
<100 256 Pixels by single receiving cards 256 x192 full color 1024 x512 dual color 512_384 ull color 1280 x512 dual color RGB data groups by single receiving card 16-24 24 Lines by one group RGB 1/2/4/8/16/32 32 Grey grades 4096(4k) 65536(64k) Data CLK frequency 15.62MHz 31.25MHz Refresh rate 180Hz >3600Hz(MBI5042)
Brightness wastage
<5% PWM brightness adjust degree 256(may automatically adjust by brightness sensor) Electronic current plus brightness adjustment grade 64/256(according to led drivers) Dot by dot revise pixels by PWM brightness 64x64 256x256 Pixels on open circuit and short circuit error detection static: 2048x16 1/2 1024x16 1/4 2048x16 1/8 4096x16 1/16 8192x16 Fiber transmission distance Multi-mode fiber 500meters single-mode fiber 10KMs Other functions Power on gradual protection ???OE Polarity switch protect screen scan tubes, led screen self-detecting No sending card function Sending images by 1000M network card PC


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